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Does It Matter What Brand Of Golf Ball You Use?

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By JC Campbell – Walk into any golf store and you will observe that there are numerous brands of golf balls on display, some with instantly recognizable brand names and others you will struggle to identify. Keeping in mind the variation in cost from one brand to another, does it really make a difference to your game? While it is understandable that professional golfers will choose to play the top brand golf balls such as the Titleist Pro V, for recreational golfers, it is worth considering whether it really does make a difference to their golf game.

The golf ball brand might in some way give a golfer more credence when playing with his regular golf partners. Would he perhaps feel that to be considered a serious player, he should be sure to use only what the professionals would? When a golfer regularly shoots in the 80s or 90s, it has to be said that the brand of ball will be unlikely to have any real effect on his game. Too many players have convinced themselves that the more expensive their golf equipment, the better they will play. Experience shows that this is not so. Buying Titleist Pro V golf balls which are designed to impart extra spin will be of little value to a player who does not make good contact with the golf ball when he swings his club.

The way the marketing and advertising companies promote golf equipment somehow manages to convince average golfers that they are above average and that they will somehow play like a professional if they use the same equipment. The hard fact of life is that recreational golfers are happily throwing large sums of cash at golf clubs and golf balls that are having no real effect on the way they play the game. For some, it is a matter of pride. Showing up for a game of golf sporting Top Flite golf balls is out of the question for some who would consider this embarrassing. They somehow feel they will lose credibility with their playing partners by using a cheaper brand golf ball.

A true test for such average golfers would be to hit a variety of golf ball brands out on the golf course and take note of any differences they observe. The likelihood is that they will hit the lesser known brands the same distance as any other, possibly even further. Some of the cheaper brands are constructed in a different way from the top range balls. They are harder in construction and may actually suit the swings of recreational golfers who do not have the swing speed of professionals, players capable of compressing the ball on impact. For many golfers, it’s time to swallow their pride, buy some cheaper brand balls and save themselves a fortune!

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2 Responses to “Does It Matter What Brand Of Golf Ball You Use?”
  1. Debbie says:

    I look for control and feel rather than distance.

  2. Brad says:

    Somehow marketers have convinced us that brand matters. It rarely does. Some folks are impressed because a certain pro plays a certain brand ball or club. Just remember, he does so because that company sponsors him!

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